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[ Grumble ]

11. Preparation

Installation view of Yun-Ling Chen, Not Really Really (17-SS-4)
on the white wall, in Art Dusseldorf, Germany, 2017

To prepare the egg yolk, I start with cracking the egg into a bowl and then I use my right hand to pick up the egg yolk and place it into my left palm. I then slide it around my hand to separate the egg yolk and egg white. Slowly and cautiously I slide the yolk onto a spoon. I then bring the spoon with the yolk upstairs, wipe away the previous egg yolk, clean the monocle, and then hold my breath while gently placing the egg yolk onto the slippery monocle.

I handle the egg yolk with care and adjust it for the perfect balance. The egg yolk and monocle rarely fit perfectly together the first time. Therefore, most of the time I will need to adjust the egg yolk to find the perfect position for it to keep its balance on the monocle. This process does not exist as a unified formula because each egg yolk has a different consistency (shape and weight). Therefore, the ‘perfect position’ does not exist and the result depends on each specific egg yolk that spins its own twist on the final result.


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