2 Hanway Place London W1T 1HB

Wednesday to Saturday 1–6pm 1 Dec.–2 Feb. 2019
Opening: Friday 30 Nov. 6–8pm

Gertrude Stein / Heinz Gappmayr / Olivier Mosset / Alan Charlton / Valentin Hauri / Colin Sackett / Elizabeth McAlpine / Ella McCartney / Yun Ling Chen

Forms of Address is an exhibition of painting, music, text, photography, sculpture, and performance, in which the contingencies of space disrupt and expand the linearity of time. The spatial may be a precondition for the production of art, music, performance (the privacy of the studio, the space of the page, the architecture of the gallery), but here it is located in the work and its temporal unfolding. If we experience time’s direction as relentlessly orientated to the future, then space in its capaciousness may give us a moment of generosity, a slowing down of things, that can allow new perceptions and awarenesses to emerge.

Mindful of the neglect so often meted out to precedent now, this exhibition places works by new artists sideby side with the old masters of modernism, extending the liberality of space across the generations, and reinvigorating the project of art in its conceptual idealism. The exhibition asks visitors to attend minutely to the works, to the allusions within the work, to the names of the works, to the histories of those who made them, to their relations to the gallery space, to their relations with each other, and to their own relation as visitors to the presence, spatial and temporal, of the work.
Curated by Tom Benson




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