The process behind the vegetable product, such as agriculture, classification/selection, packing and pricing, are usually not encountered on the supermarket shelf. It is not possible for a consumer to receive each of the vegetables’ personal background information from a supermarket because this process of mass production is not a story that sells. Therefore, corporate advertising is creative to make the means of production appear more of a tangible and natural process than it is.

This behind the process of manufacture, can be compared to the staging of an artwork that is being maintained by the artist, gallery/museum staff, archives, dealers (the whole gallery system etc.) that again is not brought to the audience’s attention. The user and/or participant will mostly receive the result of the final production, like a path that has already been set-up. Therefore, the user could feel compelled to regulate themselves and accept the path without a second thought. 

My purpose is to raise up the user/
participator awareness of passive living in the designed path, therefore, need to have consciousness of creating an alternative path for ourselves. In my practice, through continually refreshing the organic materials for maintaining their freshness. For proving the existence of a process, I aim to bring the hidden process from the backstage towards the front stage in front of the audience. 

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